In this post we will talk about different ways to market your site on social media.

Never before has there been a place for the global community to come together at once place. Social media gives us unprecedented opportunities.

01. Start with content

Content is the most effective way to promote a business be it through search engine or social media.

You can make use of both paid ads and organic reach to reach your audience.

Just like for search engines you can add keywords to your content, add images and optimize your captions to get found.

Multiple tools help you use the information well.

When you publish more content that automatically lifts your presence on social media channels. If you’re using images on your blog make sure your blog posts are optimized for SEO. The same applies for Shopify stores and other eCommerce stores.

Since there’s dearth of talent you find may find challenges in talent management when hunting for new writers.

02. Use email marketing for social media

Email marketing is one of the topic tactics to drive traffic. It’s proven to be effective. The return can be $44 per dollar spent.  You can use email marketing for your cryptocurrency, blockchain or even credit card startup.

You can also promote social media events through email marketing. You can make money hosting events like webinars through social media channels.

You can include links to your social media accounts at the bottom of your email.

This helps you get more followers and get more traffic to the site.

An engaging newsletter requires the content to be direct and deliver a punch.

Email marketing is an important part of any marketing plan.  

Set up campaigns in seconds and send them to get more traffic. 

03. Start a social media blog

LinkedIn allows you to post on its platform and help you drive traffic. On LinkedIn you can establish yourselves as an authority. Doing so establishes who you are and increases your conversion rates too.

When you’re writing entire blog posts, you need to research well, hone your skills and your knowledge.

If you are lazy you can do this—Simply republish content from your blog to LinkedIn. It’s perfectly legal and fine to do so and you’re not going to be penalized by search engines for this.

Benefit from a blog as it generates awareness and builds traffic. You’re simply repurposing content elsewhere. 

Social media is also a good place to talk about fun topics like nft games.

04. Harness the entire power of social media

Social media isn’t just a place where you meet friends. Not anymore. It’s a place to promote your site, build brand awareness and get to a new audience.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest all channels are a way for you to engage users. It gives a platform for people to share your content. The more the people click on your content, the more your chances of getting more traffic and improving your conversion rates. You can also try Facebook ad placements for your site and drive traffic that way.

Additionally, cross-promote content across all networks as people will benefit from the same.